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    Agile, Transparency, Fixed-price

    Our multidisciplinary team quickly reacts on your requests. We deliver projects on time. The project cost and time-frame are determined at the outset based on clear and detailed technical specifications.
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    Full software development process

    You get all software and web applications development services in one place. This includes business analysis, solution finding, IT-product implementation, support and maintenance service.
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    We use only the best technologies

    Success starts with the right choice of technologies for one's project. We choose most effective methods, secure platforms and advanced programming languages for the successful development of each project.
Mobile Applications


Applications for mobile devices are becoming day by day a more attractive way of finding new clients, increasing sales and improving one's company image.

Your customers, partners or employees need to continuously have access to up to date information; mobile applications provide this opportunitie to your business.

We provide mobile development services to create mobile software solutions that wil run on all mobile platforms. Development of mobile applications is a difficult and very time-consuming process. It consists of a full-cycle software development.

Media, Promo, Corporate, Utility, Shopping Apps
  • Push Notification

    Notify your customers of updates, specials and events through the app.
  • Menu

    Allow customers to easily and conveniently view your menu selection.
  • Map and Location-Aware

    Provide your customers turn-by-turn directions from their current location straight to your front door.
  • Social Media Integration

    An expected and widely used app features is social sharing. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Multi-touch

    Multi-touch is a method of input on a touchscreen that allows two or more fingers to be used on the screen at one time.
  • Networking

    Use this app feature to include any link into your content.
  • Media

    Include videos for product displays, event clips, training, and promotions.
  • Augmented Reality

    Integrate virtual objects in the real world