Adapt website to search queries, fix it on the first page of a search engine, attract the target audience for a regular website visit

Goal - Make the website popular and friendly to search engine


Many experts believe that the most effective way to attract visitors to your on-line resource is a search engine audience. Search engine optimization (SEO), SMM promotion (Social media marketing) and contextual advertising - these are the main tools of search engine marketing. This task is complex and multi-step, and is implemented in several stages that require constant maintenance to achieved results.

What are we doing to achieve positive results and high rankings?

  • Analytics

    Check the website for technical and system errors, identify semantic errors. Selection of search queries and their distribution on the website structure.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    Selection of online resources and placing on them the necessary information. Creation of strategies for working with social networks and other electronic platforms.
  • On-line marketing companies

    AdWords, Online advertisement.
  • Strategy development

    Strategy development and implementation of marketing companies that are not related or related to the Internet, but have the cumulative impact on the development of the website.
  • Internal Optimization

    Change the information architecture of website for increase the convenience of its use and relevance of search queries.
  • Long-term planning

    Planning activities that improve awareness of Internet resources in the long term for 3-5 years.