Augmented reality is a unique and effective presentation of information, using a combination of real space and "live" virtual objects, impress any audience.

Augmented Reality is a new word in education, advertising, media and entertainment.

Projects, which are implemented with Augmented Reality, are the main trend of modern marketing, including social media marketing. Such projects offer vast possibilities of integration with mobile devices and with social works. The main feature of AR-technology is a unique effect of involvement of brand target audience. One more important advantage of AR-projects is opportunity to use classical methods of message transmission.

Due to technological innovation of Augmented Reality, projects, based on it, are accompanied by the so-called «WOW-effect», which is able to surprise and motivate people of all ages, professions and cultures. The proof of this effect is a plurality of our clients’ successful campaigns, including such brands as Intel, Coca-Cola, Benetton and Renault. The quality assurance is also confirmed by productive partnerships between PlayDisplay and leaders in high-tech industry - Samsung, Epson, Qualcomm and Vuzix. In this way, augmented reality is increasingly working for brands, and commercial and government organizations across the globe.